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Software Development

  • Android/Iphone Mobile Applications
  • Database, Cloud Server, Web Based Systems
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • C/C++, Java, PHP, Java Script
  • Android, .Net, Eclipse, React Native
  • MS SQL/Oracle, MYSQL

Embedded Systems

  • Embedded Schematic and PCB Designing
  • RTOS based Embedded Systems
  • Network Protocols & Stack
  • Automation Systems
  • Security Systems
  • Control Panel Design

Embedded Development Tools

  • Keil, AVR Studio, IAR Studios, Eclipse, and Arduino
  • Hardware Design Tools Orcad, Eagle, and Proteus

Electronic Hardwares

  • Micro-Controllers 8051, ARM7, AVR, and PIC
  • GSM, GPS, RF, Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet, Fingerprint Reader, and RfId

Few Projects from our Technology Consulting Services

This inverter has three units; first unit converts 12V DC to 230V AC using Ferrite transformer and MOSFETs switching at 25 kHz and the second stage down converts the frequency to 50Hz. The second unit consists of Rectifier and H-Bridge switching circuitry for creating 50Hz AC from 230V DC. Third unit is PIC16F873 based controlling unit. It has overload protection, No load cut-off, standby on output short-circuit, and indications for line voltage, Battery charging status, Battery voltage, Load connected to inverter, etc. on LCD.
The Wireless Ordering System, handles the orders from waiters, route the orders to kitchen, process the order, inform the waiter when order is ready, and finally handles the bill payment. Wi-Fi used for communication in between different units. Run by a custom made application, the interactive menus allows guest to preview their dishes as images. Based on the fact the e-menu with pictures of entrees and desserts forces diners to order more food than they typically would. It has a wireless computer linked along with all tables in the restaurant, to a central computer accessed by the owner, waiter and staffs in kitchen. The waiter can take orders from the customers, and submit it with table Id. The kitchen manager can view the orders through his tablet and let the dishes to be prepared. Once the dishes are ready, Waiter will be notified wirelessly on his Handheld device with table Id. At the billing section, there will be option to bill completely for a table, or for individuals who dont want to share with others. All these will be handled by the backend system.
This is the system used to record the time details of employee when they Enter into office or Exit. Here a Biometric Fingerprint Reader is used to match the fingerprint of every employee. An embedded circuitry using ARM7-LPC2148 with Flash Memory used to record the Punching Info. An Ethernet and WiFI based computer interface is also added for the device management like enroll/delete users, change system time etc. The GUI is developed in Java.
Industrial Multi Channel Timer is a user-friendly programmable timer device intended to be used in automated industry, printing and packaging industry or in any industry where precise timing control is needed to turn on/off heavy torque AC motors for specified duration on predefined intervals. Each of the channels are separately controlled & programmed so that it will activate a solenoid relay to turn on/off heavy motors precisely. Industrial standard protection circuits such as input/output isolation, LC filters for supply smoothening and metal shielding for electro-static protection are incorporated to overcome electrical noises from motors, relays etc.
Token Management System (TMS) can be used in Hotels/ canteens /Hospitals etc. This solution aims to provide user friendly, secured and Global standard service for automated token management process. Each employee/visitor provided with a RFID based tag, it needs initial registration. Visiter can collect the token just by swiping in on thermal printer unit. The TMS hardware will connect to a centralized server through LAN, it will register tokens, checking whether the token already issued for the same card, etc. The system is comprised of the following individual modules: RFID reader for reading Visiters unique number Thermal Printer with auto-cutter for printing tokens. Admin interface for changing IP-settings. Token Display and Anouncement Unit.
This is a practical approach of the implementation of TCP/IP protocols on a microcontroller. By implementing TCP/IP stack on a microcontroller, we can control and monitor device status through internet. Actual webpage is stored in Flash Memmory itself and this page can be loaded over internet from anywhere in the world. The system should be always connected to internet through LAN. Webpage can be accessed by giving the IP address provided to the system, user-interface for monitoring and control is created with HTML. Webpage contains control buttons and status windows. By touching control buttons, we can control connected devices, status window shows whether the devices are ON/OFF along with sensor readings.
System will send SMS allerts if any security violations detected. PIR motion sensor is used to detect intruders. Door Sensors, and Temperature sensors integrated. All sensors are interfaced through Bluetooth V2.2. An Embedded circuitry powered by PIC18F452 microcontroller is used to control the entire circuit and peripherals. It can also be used to ON / OFF electric devices through SMS.

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