About Us

Some words about us

Radiant Infotech is a Software and Hardware Reaserch & Development Company, Founded in 2009. The company's key focus includes Research & Development, Application based designing, Installation and Maintenance.

Behind the success of radiant Infotech, there is a strong management team with vast experience in the field of satellite & telecommunications, embedded product development and software development.

We have developed world class strategic partnership and R&D initiatives to offer a wide choice of innovative, inspirational and integrated solutions.

As one of the best software Technology Consulting Company in Kerala, Radiant Infotech is diversifying into various line of business and has shown great competency when it comes to reasearch, consulting & outsourcing.

  • Our Mission

    To carry out advanced research and development in Information /software / Embedded technologies and their societal, scientific and industrial application.

    To work closely with the industry leaders to improve their techological utility and to help them to implement various automation systems in industrial sectors.

  • Philosophy

    Our reputation for impeccable service and customer satisfaction consistently yields repeat business and referrals from clients.

    Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients by providing highest quality and value in every aspect of our service.

Our Professional Team

Assuring you Intelligent solutions in business for establishing grip in the world of competitive markets.
Delivering our best services to several technology giants seeking improved outcomes