Smart Home / Office Solutions

Smart Automation Systems

Ease of control & monitor Electrical / Electronic Equipments remotely from Mobile Application.

Smart Home / Office Systems

We have wide variety of control units to match your Home / Office / Warehouse automation, cappable off monitoring and automate almost all Electrical and Electronic Equipments.

  • Electrical Equipmets like FAN, Lights, Air Cooler, Decoration & OutDoor Lights
  • Electronic Equipments like TV, Flood Light, Porch Ligths, etc.
  • Heavy Loads Like Water Heater, Water Pump, Air Conditioners
  • Garden Lightings, Irrigation Systems, Decoration Lightings

Educational Institutions / Manufacturing Units

We developed different power saving and automation systems suitable for Educational Institutions and Manufacturing Units. We are happy to design our products as per customer requirements to ensure 100% satisfaction with API integration support.

  • Power Switching Circuits
  • Automated School Bell and Prayer Systems
  • Display Pannels
  • Attendance Machines
  • Electronic Notice Boards
  • Automated Announcement Systems

Industrial Solutions

We have an extensive research in this field and developed a variety of Control Pannels , Interfacing modules, and sensor modules cappable to turn your Industry a Smart and Automated one.

  • Automation Systems
  • Security Systems
  • Sensor Modules
  • Control Pannels
  • Timers and Schedulers
  • Power Switching Circuits

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Tips and HighLights

  • Most of our automation systems have API support, Customers can integrate easily with their on Applications
  • Use higher quality wires and Circuit Breakers
  • Installation should carried out by Electricians / Technicians
  • Do not connect Excess Load more than rated

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