Cloud Based RF-ID Punching Macine

"Provides Single Point Report Generation from Distributed Attendance Machines"

Cloud Based RF-Id Attendance Machine

Cloud based RF-Id Punching machine synchronise server time regularly, which shows actual and accurate time even you have 1000+ machines in your institution. It gives Live updates / report from anywhere in the world. Single Window Reports gives combined reports even from 1000+ devices distributed anywhere in the world with internet access.

High-lighted Features

Our Smart_RF has all the features of a conventional attendance machine, added with highlighted features makes our product differ from other manufacturer products.

  • Unlimited Cloud Storage retains upto an Year
  • Shows exact time even 1000+ devices working together
  • Combined reports from single point
  • API for Integration with client Software
  • No Fear about data loss even in physical damage
  • One Minute device replacement without data-loss
  • Internal Memmory to avoid data-loss when network not available
  • Small in Size 120 x 75 x 30, and Easy to install

Easy Replacement

If any of your device found damaged just replace with standby one, and configure the device-id in web portal, within seconds it starts working as old one. No dataloss even physical damage occures, radiant using 99.99% uptime guaranteed cloud servers.

  • No Fear about data loss even in physical damage
  • Device can Replace in a minute
  • Starts working in few seconds after replacement
  • Just replace and update in Web portal

Installation & Manteinance

Our attendance machines are maintanance free, with easy replacement on warranty period for any manufacturing defect.

  • Low Cost Product & Easy Installation
  • No Technical Knowledge required for installation
  • Yearly service charge is very low
  • You can add any number of devices in future

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Tips and HighLights

  • Ensure WiFi/LAN access.
  • Power from UPS Line.
  • Suitable for Educational Institution Buses.
  • Instant Punching Info Updates.
  • SMS allerts (optional) to parents, when the child Enter/Exit from bus/ Class Rooms.

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