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Why it is essential to install a GPS vehicle tracking device to your company's fleet? Are you wondered to know the reason! It's just to enhance the security and to know the exact location of your vehicle with just a click. You can also look to the driver's behavior and cut down fuel expenses by ensuring an effective and productive travel time. We have designed our vehicle tracking solution in such a way that it meets all the business needs of our patrons.

Private Vehicle Safety

VTS hardware and associated android app LiveTrace Plus ensures your vehicle safety. You will get notified about the location, trips and engine running status of your vehicle on your finger tips at any time from any where.

  • Real-Time Vehicle Location Tracking
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Playback of vehicle movement upto 60 Days
  • Fuel Monitoring (optional)
  • Safe Park option prevents vehicle theft.
  • Monitor multiple vehicles in single window.

Goods & Carrier Safety

GPS/IRNSS device having Automotive Industry Standard(AIS 140) defined by ARAI is mandatory in public transport vehicles in Kerala from 1st April 2018 to increase the safety of passengers and driver.

  • Live tracking ensures goods safety.
  • Accurate mapping of route saves fuel cost
  • Overspeed allerts reduces risk, as well as avoids penalties.
  • Keep an eye on Driving quality.

School/College Bus

LiveTrace is a location based vehicle tracking system that helps you to track the location of your child's school bus in real time, effortlessly provides peace of mind. We helps you to keep an eye on your child with our high end RF-ID enabled student tracking in school and school bus.

  • Help to knows students and faculties whereabouts
  • Students attendance will taken through RFID system, whenever a student gets on or off the bus.
  • Parents can see the arrival of school bus in their mobile phone, avoids waiting at bus stop for schools bus
  • Ensures vehicle driving quality, as well as provides SOS facility.

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Tips and Highlights for AIS140 Standared Installation by Radiant Infotech

  • install VTS in hidden place, prefer Inside Dashboard
  • Panic buttons should easily accessible for Driver and Passengers.
  • Make Sure all Panic buttons are operative.
  • Ask Mobile App to monitor vehicles
  • Wiring should be hidden, prevents damage of wiring harness.
  • Use automobile quality wires and fuses.
  • Do not cut vehicle manufacturer wiring which affects vehicle warranty.
  • Installation should carried out by experienced technicians only.
  • Buy AIS140 device from companies authorized by Kerala Motor Vehicle Department (CDAC / KMVD / Suraksha Mitr).

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